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The Revel

CofE (Aided) Primary School

with Catholic Provision

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COVID-19 advice to schools and parents

Please see the letter below containing the latest advice to schools and parents regarding coronavirus.


2 nd March 2020 Re: Coronavirus

Dear Parents and Carers, For some, the topic of conversation at this current time is that of Coronavirus, (COVID-19). We have held off making any official statement until this point but given the number of questions being asked we felt it was the right time to make you aware of a helpline set up specifically in relation to educational settings. The presence of this helpline does NOT indicate any greater risk; it is purely to support schools in dealing with the increasing questions we are being asked. Parents, staff and indeed young people are able to contact the helpline. Phone: 0800 046 8687

Email: Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

It is important to note that schools are receiving extremely regular guidance and advice from both the Department of Education and Public Health England and we will, of course, respond to and communicate anything of particular relevance relating to COVID-19.

At present, the advice remains unchanged:

 There is NO reason for schools to close.

 There is NO reason for parents to keep children away from school unless you have recently visited one of the countries listed on the following page: Parents DO have a responsibility to notify the school if this applies to you.

 The single biggest preventative measure is that of hand hygiene. Please support the school in talking to your children regarding the importance of frequent and thorough hand washing using hot water and soap.


Further information and updates can be found at the following public website: Please be assured that we will keep you updated if the situation changes in any way which may impact the services we offer. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding,

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