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The Revel

CofE (Aided) Primary School

with Catholic Provision

Love learning, learn to love

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Work Hard, Be Kind

Each phase takes part in a number of themes throughout the year. Lessons and topics are linked to these themes where possible to provide cross curricular opportunities and also allow children to apply learning in a variety of ways. When subjects are not linked to themes, they are taught discretely to ensure the National Curriculum is delivered. Each phase includes two cycles so as children progress through the school they take part in all themes. Please see below for The Revel's theme map. 


Because the school has mixed age classes, we operate a two year cycle for our curriculum; Cycle A and Cycle B.


An outstanding curriculum must go beyond the statutory requirements; offering experiences and opportunities tailored to meet the needs of our unique school community whilst keeping at its heart a commitment to developing a life-long love of learning, providing the tools needed to become valuable members of society and being secure in the knowledge that we wish children to gain as they progress through the school.  At The Revel we value every aspect of the curriculum, recognising that the curriculum we offer must be as broad and varied as the passions and interests of our pupils. In the design of our bespoke curriculum, we have three ‘Golden Threads’ that we carefully and intentionally consider throughout:

Opening Minds. Opening Hearts. Opening Doors


Opening Minds...

Opening Minds, (How and what we plan for - our aims and ambitions)

Our carefully constructed progression maps work hand in hand with our contextual curriculum maps and ‘knowledge organisers’ to ensure that specific subject knowledge and skills are built on the prior knowledge and skills of our learners throughout every taught theme. Deliberately planned in ‘Wow Factors’ together with a very heavy emphasis on intentional opportunities for outdoor learning ensure that our curriculum is inspiring, engaging and unique. Most importantly, our curriculum roots the child at the centre; placing equal value on being led by their interests, developing essential knowledge and understanding and guiding their thoughts and experiences in new directions.

Opening Hearts...

Opening Hearts, (What we weave throughout - our values that we base our pedagogy on)

As a proud Church of England School, our Christian Values lie at the heart of all that we do.  Our school ethos, which underpins every element of our curriculum, supports children in developing a mindset that will improve their relationships with others, build confidence in their own abilities and develop resilience within a world where set-backs are inevitable; this in turn promotes positive mental and emotional well-being.  Opportunities for Personal Development are carefully designed in and thoughtfully implemented; the impact of this is evidenced through the behaviour, attitudes, engagement and ongoing positivity of our pupils.

Opening Doors...

Opening Doors, (How we go further - how we develop citizens for tomorrow)

Our curriculum opens doors; both literally and metaphorically. Opportunities to take our learning outdoors are exploited, with an outdoor learning link identified for every topic. The school has invested heavily in a full time, non class based Head of Outdoor Learning who leads, drives and supports our staff in the delivery of our ambitious curriculum. Such opportunities provide our pupils with the tools required to be ready for the next phase of their education and to be effective citizens of our world through the development of ‘Cultural Capital’; resilience, conflict resolution and empathy to identify just a few. We also recognise that the seeds of every profession are sown at primary school; we offer an inspiring and varied curriculum that helps children find their passions and give them the skills and knowledge which will equip them for whatever the future may bring.  Our staff work in a highly collaborative way, (both internally and externally) to ensure that the content and challenge of our curriculum meets the needs of all learners; no matter what their starting points. No opportunity is deemed unreachable.

SEE MORE about our dedicated outdoor curriculum.

VIEW our outdoor learning video trailer


The caring, supportive and stimulating environment with high quality teaching fosters in each child:

• A high level of skills in English, Mathematics and Science as well as other foundation subjects

• A high standard in English and Mathematics in preparation for their next stage of education

• An enquiring mind which wants to learn more each day

• Independent young people who are confident, flexible and able to cooperate with others

• Imaginative and creative learners

• Conscientious citizens of our multi-cultural society who are tolerant and respective of others’ values

• Pride in achievement and a desire to succeed and be successful

The Revel’s curriculum, including outdoor learning opportunities, after school clubs and other opportunities within the arts, sees children and families enthusiastic about school. Children talk enthusiastically about their school and attendance is above national levels.

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