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The Revel

CofE (Aided) Primary School

with Catholic Provision

Love learning, learn to love

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Our English Vision

At The Revel, we strive to foster competent communicators and wonderful listeners in an ever-changing world.  Our children are encouraged to articulate their opinions and to formulate their responses in a whole host of ways…from written to spoken to dramatic!  We foster an interest in words, their spellings, sounds and meanings from the very first encounter with them, and our children develop a rich and ever-growing vocabulary.  We enjoy, engage with and understand a range of text types and genres – narrative, poetry, explanation, news report and many more. 

Most of all… our children at The Revel develop the powers of fruitful imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness in all areas of English, they are learners for life!



‘Read widely and well’


This is our mission and our mantra and is brought to life through our whole school quality text-based approach to English teaching. This involves planning an engaging English curriculum using a wide range of high-quality texts for each year group every half-term. We have designed an English curriculum that is centred around both classic and long-standing much-loved books and novels as well as new and upcoming authors and texts.  As a whole school community, we have invested in bringing in a range of quality texts which adhere to national book bands – these stretch and challenge our readers all the way to Year 6.   We utilise some whole class sets of books and have the ‘100 challenge read’ texts for KS1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 in school which children are encouraged to access alongside their colour banded book.  We share ideas about curriculum texts that we are excited about via half termly newsletters, we also ask parents to review our 100 challenge reads and we publicise their reviews and recommendations to our school community.


At The Revel, we aim for all children to leave Key Stage 2 secondary ready and to achieve at least the standards which are expected for the end of Year 6 .This includes the ability to successfully read, using skills such as decoding, reading with fluency and comprehending what they are reading. The children will also be able to write successfully for a variety of purposes using a rich range of vocabulary.


A further planned impact of our English curriculum is that all children develop and progress successfully as they move through school to the point of moving on at the end of Year 6. Through taking part in a broad and rich curriculum, our children will leave with an appreciation of passion for reading and writing, enabling them to achieve their full potential in the next stage of their education. 

Core English texts September 2021

Reading Strands and Progression

Reading updates for Parents September 2021 - following the 'Phonics to Reading' parent evening September 2021.

Reading Enrichment

Our Phonics and English leads work closely together on a programme of Reading Enrichment, some of our enrichment activities are detailed referenced below.  These include dedicated author visit days, whole school initiatives eg family social on ‘Non-fiction November;’ and our ‘Take one book’ initiative and school holiday reading challenges.


Our Revel library tour

The Revel 'Starbooks Summer Reading Challenge' July 2021- 'All About Diversity'


‘Write as readers…’


We believe that our skill as writers stems from our skill as readers.  The two are linked and there is a wealth of research to show that one of the most effective ways to become a good writer is to be an avid reader; to unpick language from books and use this as a model for quality writing. Part of our whole-school approach is to build an immersive experience in rich class texts – we subscribe to CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) to enrich our teaching with superb quality texts.  Typically a new writing genre is studied and developed over a 2 week period, though some genres are a longer project and some may be shorter.  We delve into how authors use language and technical features and explore this to develop our children as writers.  Proofreading and editing are explicitly taught as separate skills throughout each piece and at the culmination of a piece of work. 


We share ideas about curriculum texts that we are excited about via half termly newsletters, we also ask parents to review our 100 challenge reads and we publicise their reviews and recommendations to our school community.

Our learning environments are designed to support learning

Phonics and Spelling


We take a robust approach to teaching children to spell here at Revel through the use of Read Write Inc resources.  In EYFS and Key Stage 1, children are routinely taught in small ability based groups, to recognise sounds, to segment and blend sounds for reading and later, for spelling.  The use of personalised spelling journals in Key Stage 2 enables children to continue to focus on explicit rule teaching and on complex speed sounds to support their spelling and to go on to understand the spellings which ‘break the rules’.  Teachers lay emphasis on the recognition of ‘dots and dashes’ to segment spellings right up to Year 6 and journals record their growing knowledge of this.  Periodic teaching of the National curriculum ‘Common exception words’ takes place in every year group, children are tested on their knowledge of these words regularly but also at specific points twice yearly and their progress assessed with individual lists sent home for learning. 

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