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The Revel

CofE (Aided) Primary School

with Catholic Provision

Love learning, learn to love

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Who's Who

Executive Head Teacher: Mr A Edwards, (BAQTS, NPQH, Local Leader of Education)

Head of School: Mrs K Worthington

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs L Reason

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs L Fusedale

Early Birds nursery

Nursery Manager: Mrs T Bennett

Nursery Assistants: Ms C Smith and Ms E Porter

Reception Unit

Phase Manager: Mrs L Reason

Oak (reception): Mrs L Reason (Teacher), Mrs R Dewes (LSA)

Willow (reception): Ms H Crutchlow (Teacher), Mrs M Wood (LSA)

Key Stage 1

Phase Manager: Mrs R Richards

Sycamore (year 1): Mrs N Hopper and Mrs S Carlin (Teachers),  Mrs K Mapplethorpe (LSA)

Maple (year 1/2):Mrs J Yardley (Teacher), Mrs H Swinfen (LSA)

Beech (year 2): Mrs R Richards (Teacher), Miss K Williams (LSA)


Key Stage 2

3/4 Phase lead: Miss C Bell

5/6 Phase lead: Miss E Kelly

Hazelnut (year 3): Mrs M Pretorius and Mrs L Twynholm (Teachers), Mrs E Hammond (LSA)

Palm (year 3/4): Miss C Bell (Teacher), Mrs M Leslie (LSA)

Poplar (year 4): Miss J Manning (Teacher), Miss A Morgan (LSA )

Ash (year 5): Mrs L Fusedale and Mrs S Dewes (Teachers), Mrs L Anderson (LSA)

Pine (year 5/ 6): Miss J Barlow (Teacher), Mrs S Gutteridge (LSA)

Cherry (year 6): Miss E Kelly (Teacher) Mrs M Pretorius (LSA)

SENDCo: Mrs H Wood


SENDCo LSAs: Miss S Colledge, Mrs L Speck, Mrs M Smith

Home School Support Worker: Mrs Bev Francioso (


Outdoor Learning Lead: Mr S Ashbell


School Office

School Business Manager: Mrs Sara Poultney 


Office Manager: Mrs Joanne Morris

Mrs Michelle Brady

Mrs Clare Lisle


Early Years Administration: Mrs Liz Main


Caretaker: Mr M Hirons

School Updates

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