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The Revel

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COVID-19 Full September Reopening

The school are looking forward to welcoming back all of our pupils in September.  We will continue to do all that we can to keep our pupils and staff safe; hygiene will continue to be an integral feature of the school day with regular handwashing, cleaning of classrooms throughout the school day and increased vigilance for anyone displaying signs of illness.


School will feel a little different, particularly for those who haven't been into school since lockdown began, so we know that our new routines will take a little time to become settled.  Please bear with us as we navigate this together.


As a school we are now able to set the size of our bubbles and allow children to attend wrap-around care and extra-curricular clubs so long as groups are kept small and consistent.  During the school day, bubbles will be as follows:

  • Early Birds Bubble

  • Reception Bubble
  • Key Stage One Bubble
  • Key Stage Two classes – each class will be an independent bubble

Monks Kirby Specific Information

Dropping Off and Picking Up

In September, the following drop off and collection times will be in place.  Maps are below to help you identify correct collection waiting areas.



Drop off

Entry point

Pick up

Pick up point

Year 1 & 2


Through main gate to classroom doors

3.00 – 3.15

Classroom doors

Year 3 & 4


Through main gate to chapel door


Hazelnut & Palm – Though Chapel gate, wait along wall

Poplar – Up main driveway, through playground gate, wait on playground by tyres

Year 5 & 6


Up main school driveway, through playground gate to classroom fire exit doors (Ash use welly door)


Ash & Pine – Up main driveway, wait on playground

Cherry – Up main driveway, wait near entrance to office

Cedar – Up main driveway, wait under ECO canopy


Dropping off:

We will be trialing allowing parents to use the bus lane to ease congestion at drop off but this will only work if ALL parents follow these guidelines:

  • Parents should remain in the car - only use the bus lane for drop off if your child can independently get out of the car and gather their belongings without your assistance
  • Parents MUST use the voluntary one way system and only pull into the bus lane when approaching it with the school on the left
  • Avoid protracted goodbyes – the time you are stationary in the bus lane must be as brief as possible
  • Have belongings ready with your child rather than in the boot

If you child is unable to independently and quickly get out of the car, please park away from the bus lane and walk them to the gate.


Picking Up:

One adult only should make their way to and from the designated pick up area for their bubble using the specific gates requested - these are marked clearly on the maps below.  Please leave the school site as soon as you have collected your child.  All gates will be open from 3pm, including the gates between the staff car park and playground to help with access to KS2 pick up points.  The school driveway will be coned off between 3pm and 3.30 to ensure it is safe for pedestrians.  Since all three school buses will be running as usual from September, parents must not park in the bus lay-by at pick up times.


Please use the main school driveway to walk to KS2 collection points NOT the ramp that links KS1 and KS2 as it is too narrow to facilitate social distancing.



Collection Point Maps

KS1 Collection Points
LKS2 Collection Points
UKS2 Collection Points

Brinklow Specific Information

Early Birds Nursery Specific Information

Kids Club

Our Kids Club will be running before and after school as usual, split into two Key Stage bubbles.  For more information about our Kids Club, please contact the school office.


Before School (8am start):

KS1 will be based in the KS1 learning zone.  Please drop off to the maple classroom door.

KS2 will be based in the school hall.  Please drop off via the Hall Fire Exit Door.


After School (until 6pm):

KS1 will be based in Sycamore classroom until 4.45pm, then will move to the hall.

KS2 will be based in the Eco classroom until 4.45pm, then will move to the hall.

From 4.45pm parents can collect via the hall fire exit door (next to the main office).  If the children are outside on the field, please go to the playground gate (far end of the staff car park) and make staff aware that you are waiting.



Extra-Curricular Activities

We will be running our usual range of extra-curricular activities where guidance allows this.  Unfortunately, singing and playing wind instruments in large groups is currently not allowed, so there will be no choir or orchestra until further notice.  If you would like to sign your child up to any of the clubs below, please contact the school office and ask to speak to Mrs Brady.


Clubs available are as follows:

Club Day Finish Time  
Sketching with Mr Ashbell Monday 4.30 Years 4, 5 and 6
Forest School Tuesday 5.00 Years 4, 5 and 6
Tennis Tuesday 4.30 Years 1 - 4
Street Dance Wednesday 4.30 Years 1 - 6
Forest School Thursday 5.00 Years 4, 5 and 6
STKD (Tae kwon do) Thursday 4.30 Years 1 - 6
Football Friday 4.45 Years 1 - 6


Hot Dinners

Educaterers have produced new menus consisting of a hot or cold deli bag option.  This means that we are able to remove the need to queue and can eat outside as much as we can (weather permitting).  These will be available for children to order using the usual system as an alternative to packed lunches.  

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

General Back to School Information:

What should they wear?

Children should wear school uniform each day they are in school (the requirement for this to be clean every day has now been lifted).


Children should come to school wearing PE kit on their PE day.  Please note that lessons will be held outside as much as possible, so please dress your child in appropriate kit for the weather.  Due to timetable restrictions with the hall, it is likely that some PE lessons will be missed due to poor weather.  If teachers are able to re-schedule these for later in the week, parents will receive a text to request PE kit is worn on the appropriate day.


PE lessons start from Thursday 3rd September, all children should be in uniform on the first day back in school.


PE days:

Sycamore - Tuesday and Wednesday

Maple - Wednesday and Thursday

Beech - Wednesday and Thursday

Hazelnut - Tuesday and Wednesday

Palm - Monday and Tuesday

Poplar - Tuesday and Wednesday

Ash - Wednesday and Thursday

Pine - Tuesday and Thursday

Cedar - Thursday and Friday

Cherry - Thursday and Friday


What should they bring?

As little as possible!  We request that children do not bring bags or anything non-essential into school.  Homework will be sent via Google Classrooms (each child will receive an individual login in September) and letters will be sent via email/app.  We are aiming to send reading books home, it is likely that children will get a small number of books to keep for a longer period - more details will follow in September.


Items children may bring into school are as follows:

  • Lunchbox (if required, hot meal options are available)
  • Water bottle
  • Sun hat (please apply long-lasting sun cream before school if needed)
  • Small tube of hand lotion/moisturiser, if needed, that can be kept in school on their desk
  • YEAR 5 and 6 ONLY – pencil case which stays in school
  • Medication if needed - (eg inhalers) should be sent into school on the first day back and kept in school
  • Forest school kit which can stay in school - this should contain wellies and waterproofs. 


What if my child is unwell?

It is crucial that any child or staff member who shows any sign of illness is cautious and stays away from school if they are unwell.  Please use the usual methods for reporting absence to the school.  If you are concerned that you or your child are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 it is essential that you self-isolate and book a test; please inform us immediately if this is the case.  If the result of the test is negative, children and staff are allowed to return to school as soon as they feel well enough.  If the result is positive, all bubbles linked to the individual will be closed for 14 days.


We will take a very cautious approach in school and will contact parents immediately if we have any concerns that your child is unwell; please ensure that we have up to date contact numbers.  You can update your emergency contact details by emailing the school office.


It is likely that there will be increased levels of absence among staff and pupils during this time as we take a cautious approach to any signs of illness.  It is crucial that testing is booked and completed as soon as possible to minimise disruption.


What if my child struggles to leave me in the morning?

We fully expect that some children may find it hard to say goodbye to parents at drop off time and we all need to be ready for this possibility.  Staff will be sympathetic and will happily support by talking to your child and encouraging them to join us, however we will not be able to assist in physically supporting the child to leave you.  In the event that your child simply won't let go of you, despite staff encouragement, the best action would be to calmly and patiently take your child home and try again the next day.  Staff at the gate will let class teachers know if this occurs.  If it happens more than once we will contact you to discuss how we can support you and help your child coming into school.


How do I contact the school?

We respectfully ask that you do not approach school staff or office staff in person, instead please email the school office with any queries and only telephone the school with urgent issues.  The office will forward emails to the relevant staff who will contact you as soon as they are able.


What happens if my child's bubble has to close for 14 days?

In the event of a bubble closure due to a positive test result, we will revert to online learning for the affected children.  Each child will be given an individual Google Classroom login in September and teaching staff will upload work, teaching videos and provide guidance and feedback to children through this medium.

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Our corridors look like roads!

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